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Nanjing Macrotest Semiconductor Technology Co.,Ltd. (Macrotest), is a high-tech semiconductor company, mainly engaged in the development and sales of semiconductor test equipment.

The entrepreneurial team has more than 10 years of experience in semiconductor equipment R & D, testing and marketing; it has senior industry experts at home and abroad and self-cultivated hardware, software, algorithms and other senior technical backbones to form the ATE R & D core team, and the team members have served domestically It is a top-notch similar enterprise; it has the ability to develop high-speed digital, high-voltage high-current analog, mixed-signal, RF integrated circuit and other ATE equipment and various test boards.

The company applied for and passed a number of domestic software and hardware product patents and trademark recognition. The company has three major brands: MACROTEST, AZURTEST and NORTECH, respectively corresponding to the three major categories of semiconductor industry integrated circuit test system, discrete device test system and automated packaging and testing equipment.

   The company is based in Nanjing and radiates the whole country. At present, it has subsidiaries in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, etc., and offices or agents in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. It has nearly 100 packaging and testing factories, test foundries, IC design companies, and research institutes. After the establishment of business relations, the business developed rapidly.

   Facing the future, Hongtai will uphold the concept of innovation, integrity, teamwork, and implementation of harmonious development, carry forward the value pursuit of "respecting the lover", seek the common development of enterprises and society, and carefully build itself into a one-stop semiconductor back-end solution provider .