Development/enterprise memorabilia
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Development/enterprise memorabilia

In March 2014, the successful launch MS7000TWIN dual concurrent location of mixed signal test system

In October 2013, the company passed the ISO9001:2013 quality certification

2012 years, the successful launch of general MTS737FLEX bus test system

In September 2011, the company relocated to new 2011 software park

2010 annual national innovation fund

2010 annual ruihua cup fifth Shanghai (hatch) enterprise innovation of science and technology

2010 high and new technology enterprise of Shanghai (certificate number: GR201031000524)

2010 high and new technology achievements transformation projects - MTS general bus IC test system

The second batch of 2009 Shanghai science and technology commission recommended to Shanghai mentors in hand units

2009 of Shanghai's most dynamic technology companies

2008 high and new technology achievements transformation projects - MTS747 SOC IC test system

Established cooperation with incubation base 2008 - integrated circuit testing technology service center

Science and technology innovation fund for 2008

Successful launch at the end of 2008 50 MHZ MTS747 general bus test system

2007 integrated circuit test platform of public service project funds

At the end of 2007 successfully launched MTS737X mixed-signal test system

The company was established in June 2007 the city science and technology incubator base of Shanghai integrated circuit