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The semiconductor and its manufacturing process development partners to consider sharing of intellectual property


The three semiconductor manufacturers and a foundry of the R & D institutions are studying how to make their respective technologies to achieve compatibility in the 90 nanometer era. Claasen said, the parties held a meeting to discuss, how to through the allocation of tasks to improve the research efficiency of research. In addition, the parties will also be encouraged through cooperation with other agencies to avoid duplication of work, these institutions including IMEC, France and electronic technology and equipment laboratory (LETI) and another company called International Sematech cooperation mechanism.

Claasen has said in an interview: "we used in research and development have invested a lot of energy. STMicroelectronics and LETI cooperation, cooperation Philips and IMEC. The close relationship Motorola at Dan Noble research center and the Austen Sematech. Although the four companies now in France Crolles cooperation are members of the Sematech, but the original work is lack of coordination."

Claasen said, to strengthen the influence of the 65 nm process after the cooperation will be, and the impact on the current in the 45 nm process early concept stage even more. On the Philips semiconductor appear operational about losses, Claasen pointed out, if the cooperation can save unnecessary equipment, can reduce the pressure to reduce some skilled personnel. He said, a 157 nm scanner for tens of millions of dollars.

But the division of the company in the next generation of materials and equipment will be for the parties involved in the collaboration time has caused some contradictions and before or after. Claasen said, sharing of intellectual property is put forward the fundamental problems of competition. For example, technology cooperation, cooperation in the later the company will only receive the different treatment in the share of intellectual property rights.

Claasen said, in the field of wireless communications, the partners are competing in the market, cannot be shared with RF related intellectual property rights. In order to ensure the smooth cooperation, the basic elements of the four companies in France Crolles cooperation is developing a common library, memory circuit components, development of compilers and other higher level of intellectual property need.