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Analysis of the countermeasures and suggestions on the development of China's semiconductor equipment industry


Domestic semiconductor equipment enterprises to accurately grasp and determine the critical needs of the market and customers; innovation and economic benefits combined development has the core competitiveness, and to meet the customer demand the key products; domestic semiconductor equipment market early is the most critical period, to the industrial chain between the mutual support and cooperation.

The domestic semiconductor equipment industry development should follow the law of industry development. In the face of the integrated circuit industry "super monopoly" and "domestic situation of spring and autumn and Warring States, local Semiconductor Equipment Company to have the policy support of the government, there should be capital operation mechanism and capital investment, and the composition of the team leader in high-end talent etc..

For the semiconductor equipment industry intellectual property barrier is very high, the unfavorable situation of foreign enterprises with intellectual property rights as a weapon to prevent new companies from entering the market, domestic enterprises must conduct a comprehensive analysis of the existing patent, must have its own independent intellectual property rights, also must respect the intellectual property rights of others.

In addition, the domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturers have entered the international market deployment and channels, to establish good relations with customers and overseas, to implement a win-win strategy.

In order to study, rigorous scientific methods to ensure the accuracy and quality of report. "2014-2018 global and Chinese semiconductor equipment industry market situation and future trend analysis report" research methods mainly used are: 1) census: We of the semiconductor equipment industry in nearly 100 practitioners conducted interviews or telephone interviews, to obtain the best first-hand data. 2) tracking research: in order to ensure the real-time control of semiconductor equipment industry dynamics, we established the semiconductor equipment industry tracking mechanism, every month through access to the dynamic development of semiconductor equipment industry. 3) government agency data: we query the key enterprises of the semiconductor equipment industry, the industrial and commercial bureau of archives archives, the customs import and export data, get more authoritative information. 4) SOWT analysis: SWOT analysis, Potter five forces analysis method, we analyzed the semiconductor equipment industry and enterprise's competitive advantages and disadvantages and potential threats and opportunities. 5) scientific prediction: we use regression analysis, time series analysis, factor analysis, portfolio analysis and other methods of semiconductor equipment development trend has made the forecast.