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Japan developed a semiconductor sensor health monitoring


It is understood that the advanced glycation end products (AGEs) has been considered to be the cause of many diseases. In order to quantify the accumulation of advanced glycation end products, determine the root cause of the disease, researchers at the Sharp Co by blue light (wavelength 365 nm) irradiation technique to quantify the finger vein blood vessels in the accumulation of AGEs. The researchers said that although the advanced glycation end products is the final product of non enzymatic glycation reaction, and has correlation with the blood glucose level, but by the sensor can quantify the accumulation level, so as to quickly check the health of the human race.

In the experiment, the researchers can measure the human body weight, blood pressure, pulse, should the health degree of stress state and vessels using a semiconductor sensor. The researchers said that these measures are integrated, so that the user can get a health status score. This set of sensors developed by Sharp Co can automatically returns the results. Therefore, the next Sharp Co will consider providing a measurement result database service, allowing users to interact through the monitor and a doctor or counselor.

In fact, the Sharp Co's core technology in capture electronic and optical diagnostic tools, medical imaging and life science research in the field of performance is very active. In addition to the semiconductor sensor, SHARP has also developed a key technology -- health cabin. The user sits on the device, you can check the status of the comprehensive physical and mental health of the. Through the "health class" of this system, researchers can measure to a series of health indicators. The researchers said, it seems to be a "high class" on the plane, the measurement results will be stored in the cloud server Sharp.


This "semiconductor sensor" technology Sharp Co can not only measure our aging degree of blood vessels, but also can draw a health score. For the early diagnosis of diabetes or atherosclerosis and other health problems of the people is very important. We can imagine, when some of the elderly or disabled people sitting on this device, the body weight, blood pressure and pulse and other health index was immediately measured, this is not only for the normal physical examination to provide help, also can make those people who benefit from the need of care.