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Design center to China transfer, the semiconductor industry to the level of integration


This year, the chip industry may be difficult to keep calm, because it will try to meet the Moore (Moore's Law) expectations. In this critical period, the industry investors can also continuously wit to find opportunities -- including many overseas opportunities.

Investment institutions Needham Group analysts believe that in the global field of IC design for the next 10 years, system and semiconductor design center will be transferred from the United States, Japan and Europe to China and other Asian countries. Investors will focus on NASDAQ (Nasdaq) listed China and Asia's many other fabless IC design company. From the overall situation, with China, India and other countries, the United States is losing its competitiveness in the field of IC design and technical aspects.

The semiconductor industry will be completed, manufacturers transition from vertical integration to the integration level gradually to the manufacturing business and IC design outsourcing, in order to focus on their core competitiveness, which leads to system and semiconductor design will gradually shift to overseas. Needham believe that this trend will last 5-10 years.

N. analyst Quinn Bolton said: "we believe that many Asian especially IC design companies in China's gross profit rate can easily reach 40%, net profit rate can reach 20%, a few Usa Inc can be comparable, because labor, accounting and legal costs of the latter is higher."

Needham company believes that the investment focus should shift to the global market, especially in China, it will become a competitive power semiconductor market in 2006-2007 years. The company believes that the 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, the infrastructure construction required will promote the whole electronic industry chain expenditure. As South Korea in 1992 Seoul Olympic Games a few years before the situation. Obviously, the China Company will occupy the geographical advantage.

In addition, Needham analysts believe, investors also should pay attention to the development of advanced power management of its own technology solutions company based on. "We think, a power management semiconductor before 2008 will be the fastest growing areas of semiconductor." Bolton said in its January report. He forecast compound annual growth of 2004-2008 years in the field rate will reach 11.2%, increased to $8400000000 from $5500000000.

Needham forecast in 2006 the overall chip industry 8-9% growth, and warned, American chip industry to maintain a competitive advantage, 2006 will be a crucial year. Some observers think, American government needs to take measures to reshape the competitive pattern. These measures may include encouraging companies to invest in China and not overseas; strengthen the legislation to support broadband USA narrow gap between Europe and Asia; amended the immigration law, mainly H-1B visa procedures, to prevent those scientists and innovators in USA "foreign born training" return to their own country.