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OS2000&OS2000E is a new generation programmable automatic OpenShort test machine, parallel test and ping-pong testsupports a maximum of 4 Site. Each Site can pin distribution and each pin test conditions custom tube. Throughthe USB interface of the computer, development and debugging can be completed online testing procedures,download operation and monitoring. Has very good versatility, high efficiency and convenient features easy to use.

Main features:

1 4Site parallel test, can be connected with 4 independent Handler, or independent testing station;

High PIN COUNT 2 design provides a maximum of 256 test channels. Each channel can be arbitrarily assigned to the specified Site pin map; 64, 128, 192 user selectable, 256 in four different configurations, fully meet the needs of different customers, to achieve the maximum price;

2 PC test program development software, all the visual environment quickly completed the test program development, debugging and on-line test results tracking, storage and analysis; (automatic programming function)

3 by using the USB test bus design, test equipment can also run independently from the PC, greatly reduce the cost of testing;

4 using the touch screen design, convenient operation;