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Training service

A training service.

1 Basic Training

In cooperation with the Whampoa  ICC or Shanghai Jiaotong University and other colleges, the regular basic training course.

The user according to their own needs to apply for free.

The client every time quota limit: 2 / sets.

2 varieties of special training to customers

From the macro test engineer for customer site or varieties of teaching training.

The training for the training fee, 500 yuan / day;

3 senior training

Cooperate with professional IC training instructor, special training for customer requirements or general senior testknowledge. Macro measurement provides MTS practical test materials and varieties on environment.

The training fee for the training, the specific charges with cooperation and lecturer;

4 Seminar

Cooperation with industry professionals, invite customer engineer or supervisor related to the contents of theconference industry.

The activity for free, the customer places by the macro test decided to invite;