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Technical support equipment

Technical support equipment

1 field support

A. warranty service

For the new machine, provided in the warranty period (150 hours?) / free on-site support service station;

B. warranty service

      LPay per service

A: weekday 08:30 - 17:30 100RMB/ hours

B: weekday 17:30 - 24:00 150RMB/ hours

C: weekday 200RMB/ normal holiday hours

D: national holiday 300RMB/ hours

      LPackage service charges

According to 10000 yuan /5 / month in the form of service charges; during the service period, special arrangements for engineers to carry out on-site support services at any time.

2 remote support

Provide free remote support services at any time;

3 website support

Customer engineer and related personnel automatically become macro technology service member of the site, to provide the corresponding data according to the level of training, information services and other related services;

And in response to the 4 question

Answer 1 hours;

Site support 4 hours (local Office), Next Day (3, Day (surrounding customers) other customers, as the distance);