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In preparation of spare parts and service

1. The warranty period for board service

      LSystem warranty period of 1 years, to provide free maintenance and replacement of spare parts in the machine preparation service warranty.

      LThe new preparation in the warranty period of:3 months the user purchased separately.

      LRepaired prepared in the warranty period: 1 months (same as Defect).

2. The warranty service in preparation

      LThe preparation of new board individual users purchase the warranty period of 3 months.

      LRepaired board: 1 months (same as Defect).

Four. ATE application program service

1, service content 
The whole development service to provide customers with 1 varieties of Testplan, test procedures, test schematic diagram and PCB;
2 provide production support services;
3 provide quality analysis and testing methods of improving service;

2, protocol and requirements
1 for the user to purchase new equipment, can provide up to 1 / Taiwan free variety applications development service.The first services limited to the service content, according to the development and user negotiated Testplan to complete the relevant test procedures, test schematic and PCB debugging;
2 support for mass production and quality analysis and testing methods for the improvement of service fee, not specified in the service agreement, the signing of service contract form;

3, charge
For project services, according to 100 yuan / hour fee contract assessment base;